The Guitar “The instrument of instruments”

I have not heard a sound as beautiful that the one given by a guitar. It is warm and pleasant, the companion who accompanies either the lonely musician as well the musician of the masses. Personally, I consider the guitar as the instruments of instruments; other may disagree, while other would tell that the piano is the chosen one. We must remember that the guitar is the most popular musical instrument around.

What is a MIDI GUITAR?

A MIDI guitar is an instrument designed to work with a built in MIDI recognition system. Physically, it looks like a guitar and works as one. However, it has the main advantage of having a system attached who allows connecting the instruments to a computer or any other device that allows MIDI inputs.

midi guitar

The new technology: “The midi guitar system”

The guitar itself is a pretty old musical instrument that has evolved from the classical guitar made of wood to the electrical guitar to the MIDI guitar. The main difference among them is not the way it should be played but how the sound handled is. We all know about the common guitar made of wood, it only not needs the guitarist to work. We can say the same of the electric guitar, but this one has more versatility as we can use special equipment as amplifiers and effects to make them sound better.

Unlike the common guitar and the electric guitar, the MIDI guitar system produces the sound in a way of digital signals, using the MIDI protocol. It does not require to be tuned or to be worried about how it will sound as we do with the other two, as this just only sends the digital signals that can be used by a computer or some other device.

How does a MIDI guitar system works?

There are several ways of implementing a MIDI system to a guitar. The most common way to do it is by getting an external device commonly named as Audio to MIDI converter. There are many of these devices that work for general instruments. However, some manufacturers as Sonuus have developed a dedicated system that adapts to the sound and frequency of a guitar. These external devices are great because you do not need another Guitar to make the system work. N there are other systems, which come integrated into a guitar. Many of these systems can be integrated into an existent guitar or come built in.

The big advantage for the musical composer

midi guitar

Let’s suppose you are about to start a new musical composition, this composition will have five instruments, but you only master the guitar. Regularly, at the time to write the music layout, the musician memorizes all the movements and notes, or they are written on paper. Once the guitar part is done, you have to write four different musical instruments which you do not know how to play. At this point, you are forced to hire additional musicians.

After monumental efforts, without counting that the drummer not agreed about your musical concept, you are ready to lead you musical composition to recording. Now you must pay to a recording studio as well as the musicians in order to use their time on the recording. At the end of the recording, the sound sounds unbalanced thus you must pay a mixer engineer to make the sound better and even more a mastering engineer to make it sound professional. How much money did you lose there? I say about several thousands of dollars.

However, what happens when you own a MIDI guitar?. First off, you create your musical composition by sequencing it into the computer using special software. This is stored in the computer as MIDI files in the form of musical scores or tablatures. When the time comes to write for the other musical instruments, you use the MIDI guitar to record the sequences regarding the other instruments. With some additional MIDI virtual instruments that can be attached to your software, you can achieve realistic sounds by just using the recorded MIDI files.

Now your musical composition sounds, as it were performed by live musicians. At this point, you have skipped the need to hire musicians and to pay a recording studio. Still your sound sounds kind of flat. Using the audio mixing tutorial, you may learn how to make the sound fatter and better. Ultimately, you paid for your MIDI guitar, the mixing software and the MIDI virtual instruments plug-ins. If you had no computer you paid for it too. Nevertheless, we must keep in mind this is one time inversion. Practically, you can create a thousand of new compositions for free and on. Perhaps you would pay for a mastering engineer at least until you decide to learn about audio mastering.

Save time and money using the MIDI guitar system

We can conclude that purchasing a MIDI guitar is an acceptable inversion when we are in the business of music. I have saved thousands of dollars in recording studios using the MIDI guitar system as a tool. Moreover, I must add that is kind of entertaining experimenting with music in this way. The possibilities are unlimited.