Know The Distinctive Features Of Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike Tips

Do you have passion for the action packed saga of adventure and strategy? If yes, then you will have a whale of a time playing Mobile Strike. The war setting that you will find yourself in is typically modern. On top of it, you will have plenty of opportunities for base building. Mind you, you are waging a modern warfare, and so there is the need for military fortification. Once you get in the groove of fighting, you can go up and against other players, who show up in large numbers. The next question that comes up is, why do you need to fight? What is the ultimate objective? Well, the ultimate objective is to assume the power of the state’s head.

Know the advantage of having the title

By virtue of that title, you can think of protecting your allies against the forces of opposition. You are fighting a modernized warfare. So, in the course of playing this game, you have to give due importance to the shaping and sharing of strategies. You should understand the distinctive significance of troop management, building of base, and forming alliance with the co-players. Most importantly, you should know and plan out how to take things across to the opposition’s den. There are war-based strategy games of various types, but what distinguishes the Mobile Strike from the rest is the access and availability of the crafting system. If anyone knows how to hack mobile strike then please comment below i will surely try that for my game.

Important features of this game

You can use the equipment system to your advantage. The crafting system is such that you can get your level increased. You can also use the system for customizing and equipping your hero with the best shields of protection. The fact that you can create equipment and armors from the specially graded materials comes as an added ace of an advantage. There is another beneficial aspect to come by. As a player of the game, or for that matter as a commander, you can be in touch with your ally because you can take advantage of a system of communication that facilitates connection amongst all players. The Mobile Strike game also comes equipped with an in-built translating system. As a result, the language barrier that you may have with your ally or partner doesn’t become an issue. You have reasons to make use of the international servers that the game offers. If you use the internationally significant server; then the language which you communicate in gets automatically translated.

Get on with the processes of gaming and fighting

As far as the thrill and frill of gaming are concerned, your focus should be on climbing up the PVP ladder. Then, you already know the other objective which relates to grabbing the commanding role, in which you can find yourself as the all-powerful head. To achieve both these objectives, you should do the following. First, you should know how to construct an extensive base that consists of a diverse array of powerful structures. Secondly, you should select a powerful commander and have him suitably customized in such a way that he can make the most of the base that you have constructed. Thirdly, you ought to realize the importance of getting into alliance with like-mined commandos who can serve as a source of strength.

To put it in brief

To put things in a nutshell; the game is all about building a base, taking charge of an action packed scenario and testing your prowess against enemies in action. Enjoy the thrills of becoming an action hero, and make sure that the base that you have built truly brings out your passion for fighting…

Hungry Shark World With Enhanced Graphics And Interesting Features Too


When I first set out to play the Hungry Shark Evolution, I was apprehensive about the experience that I would have with the so-called adventure game but was pleasantly proved otherwise. It is only natural that I was very optimistic and looking forward to the release of the Hungry Shark World early this year that was updated in June and has a review rating of 4.4. The game can be downloaded free from the Google Play and is currently available for the Android 4.2 and above versions and the iOS platform. Being one among the billions of players, I am about to share my views and reviews on the game.

More sharks to play with

The latest version of the Hungry Shark World certainly has more vivid 3D graphics than it’s predecessors that is a great help in almost living the experience as a Shark player that is on the prowl to get the maximum possible diet to grow to it’s maximum. There are a total of nineteen different species of the animal that you can experience that are locked in seven different levels where there are some three stats in some levels called the Speed, Bite and the Boost that give the players the opportunity to delve deep into the game. Of course, there are upgrade options by paying with the coins. I used to play maximum levels with my hungry shark world hack tool, so that i dont need to pay for anything i purchase in the game.

A variety of world to explore

Probably the most attractive part of the game is that of the options of the different worlds that the Shark can explore as against only one free world in the previous version. It was indeed a thrilling experience each time with different settings of the Atlantic Ocean and the holiday islands where there are plenty of human prey and a variety of diet that is diverse from that of the frozen Arctic Ocean with the military bases, submarines firing the torpedoes and the secretive missions to attack. Finally, I had the choice of opting for the Arabic Sea world that is warm, diverse and also entertaining.

More currencies to gain

Among the new introductions in the game are the daily missions of accomplishing the target miles of swimming, eating several humans and other on spot events that can earn plenty of coins at the beginning of the game. As like all other adventure games, you are sure to be in need of plenty of in-app currency that is certainly going to tax your wallet unless you make the effort to earn as many gems and coins while playing the game. Another added feature to cash upon for earning quick gems and coins is by swallowing the alphabets of the word hungry that will make it assume extra-size and eat even the mines and the volcanoes.

Adding fun to the adventures

The accessory stores for one has become extremely interesting with this new version as it helped me add the fun element to the adventurous and strategic diet gobbling. There are some funny moustaches that you can make your hungry shark wear while it is out or give it the funky goggles and the headphone to wear. Wearing these accessories will add life to the shark that you can give the aggressive companions in the form of not just the baby sharks but also the octopus or the avid turtles. In all, I found the game features to be extremely interesting though some of my friends have been complaining about the slow download and the crashes being too often.


Play Pixel Gun 3D Effectively By Controlling The Setting

Pixel Gun 3D has become one of the most sought after gaming options. In the current scheme of things, you not only have the single player component but also have the multiplayer component. The latter gives you the opportunity to compete with as many as seven different players. If you manage to beat the other players in the multifaceted battle, you can make your mark as the single winner. The game also gives you the option for designing your character. The character, in turn, can be used for battling, on your behalf.

Here are some simple pixel gun cheats for you., While in the Pixel battle, you should know how to overcome the onslaught. That’s because you are likely to find yourself at the receiving end of shooting. Thus, you should know how to survive the attack. It all boils down to making a perfect use of the arms and ammunitions. You should also know how to position your rifle, and how to be in a state of control. Controlling your aim is as crucial as controlling your direction. Otherwise, you are likely to miss the target. Make it a point to control the right-hand side of the screen. It will help you to take command of your shooting target.

You can use the left-hand end of the screen for controlling the map. Occasionally, you may have to switch sides. So, you should get accustomed to changing sides, moving quickly from one corner of the screen to the other. As said previously, you should realize the role of weapons. Without the backup support of weaponry, it is impossible to stay in the game. First, you should be particular about collecting the weapons. Secondly, you should know how to use the weaponry, those that you have collected.

Shooting is one of the functions that you need to undertake, on a regular basis. For the purpose of shooting, you can make use of the small sized buttons that are there on the right-hand corner of your mobile screen. Similar happens to be the importance of reloading and jumping. For the purpose of reloading or jumping, you can use the small sized buttons to your convenience. So, now you know what method to adopt for the purpose of wiping out the existence of enemies. You will have plenty of them, in the graveyard. Over there, you should know how to shoot, as well as, jump your way back to safety.

Likewise, you will not have sufficient time, at your disposal to shoot or reload your gun. Now that you know which buttons to use for the purpose of shooting, or that of reloading; you will not be in a state of confusion. Then, you may be on the verge of starting a multiplayer competition. In that case, how will you begin? When it comes to the deal of starting a multifaceted competition, you can use the main menu to your advantage. You also have the option of getting into the cooperative mode. In this particular mode, all you have to do is team up with a couple or more of known players, with the purpose of warding off the challenges that are likely to come from zombies and skeletons.…